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Practical and tangible, we can create morbid/realistic designs, mold your family's heirloom 16th century battle axe or create something entirely different. Our prop creation services range from budget quality to professional film quality!

Conceptual Design

Need a creature for your next film? Costume ideas for your haunt? A custom design of any kind is something Outpost 31 can most definitely assist with! Digital or traditional media + talented artists = awesome stuff, man.


Both on-site and in-studio, our talented artists can crank out faces like nobody's business.

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Professional artists can reproduce any part of your body you'd like and cast it in any material you want! Ever want to look yourself in the face?

Practical Effects

Gore for your every need! Blood, snot, bone, limbs and severed heads for days. We've got everything you need for your projects that range from budget to professional film quality!

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